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Media Buying Agency

Ad candy as a media buying agency can be that choice. Our team can help recognize the appropriate media options that will target the demographic you are trying to reach and make sure that your ad is keyed accurately and presented on time and in the usual format.

As we are Media Buying Agency in India, our experienced staff members also know what goes on what type of media, allowing them to advise you on various design options for different sites.

When you choose us as a media buying agency, you get it all. We are a self-governing agency known in media outlining and activation, training in the combination of digital and traditional media including paid social tools and developing technologies.

Considered as the most approved agency that gives the best media planning and buying services, we function with an excellent team of dreamers, achievers, believers, innovators and endowed individuals who have been conquering hearts and writing prosperous stories in the Advertising and Marketing areas.

media buying agency

The following corporate video production services we offer as a media buying agency

Conversion Monitoring

It works to track that visitor’s specific mouse action to discover their exact position on the page. It is useful in generating leads. It gives a brief penetration into the call to action features of the website.

Online Media Planning and Buying

We handle all forms of media planning and buying from start to finish. We also give our clients w various insights, which will assist your brand.

Creative Management

As a digital advertising agency, we guarantee that your brand or service gets the best pictorial representation desirably.

Traffic Analysis

This streaming media traffic will be more assertive in IP networks due to a vast number of users on the Internet. Therefore it is necessary to recognise and understand media traffic.

Campaign Design

We know the right target audience, follow their choices and accordingly outline the campaign to suit their marketing purposes.

Analysis & Optimization

No media campaign can be prosperous without continuous analysis, tests and optimization of your marketing plan. We use a mixture of in-house tracking and visible ad-serving technology to investigate and add content to your brand.

Trends come and go.
CANDIES are forever.

 We combine capabilities in data & analysis, strategy & consultancy, creative & development and performance marketing to grow brands, audiences and revenue streams.