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We’re a media agency with over two decades of experience working with technology marketers. Keenly aware of how customers vet and choose technology brands, we have a deep understanding of how to best leverage mar-tech and ad-tech solutions across all digital channels. The following principles guide our work :

Game changing performance relies on an investment in your communications, not on a series of transactions.

Marketing shouldn’t be a nuisance to a consumer—it should be a vehicle for empowered, clearheaded decision-making.

“Right place, right time” is only half the battle. Effective communication relies on understanding and influencing individual mindsets.

The world’s most innovative brands believe in the power of data to transform conversations.


With over 15+ years of experience creating brand communications for companies, Palak consults and works to think through creative strategies and execution. Having worked across Media industries and creative platforms, Palak is an expert in Brand Strategy, Film Direction and Design, Communication Strategy & Media Advertisements. Her approach as a founder of the agency has always been to break the agency and client gap, and incubate herself into every client’s team so she can collaborate with them as one of their own. Apart from being the Founder, she also works and consults on media buying and PR to meet business objectives.


Ramdas coming from a traditional offline technical background, he has achieved internal and industry recognition in multiple disciplines ranging from on-ground activation and direct response, to creating new media approaches. He has over 20 years of information security experience in the digital and communications space, having a strong technical / cyber security background, Ramdas helps our clients to enhance their security over their web presence.

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 We combine capabilities in data & analysis, strategy & consultancy, creative & development and performance marketing to grow brands, audiences and revenue streams.