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We’re on a mission to start a conversation with your customers in this fast connected world. Let’s discover, build and grow your digital business
Creative Approach

Our expertise lies in capturing a brand’s authenticity and communicating it in the most effective way possible. We take the time to immerse ourselves in your brand and gain thorough insights into your market, your aspirations and of course, your customers.

Advanced Concepts

As your business compete for digital presence and digital social influence, the role and skills required of a special advanced concepts are expanding and more important than ever. We help you to stay relevantly ahead with latest concepts on inbound marketing methodologies.

Flexible Technologies

They use it to reinvent, navigating brand offerings in the way they want. They are carving their own desire lines through traditional consumer categories. We, harnesses the power of media to bridge the tension between what people want and brands need.

We are trusted by MANY clients
The media landscape is in continuous flux and becoming increasingly fragmented. We use the variety and dynamism that this creates to strengthen your brand, designing communication that caters to people’s rapidly changing media habits.
Guided by our motto, “Right time, Right place”, we develop and implement your campaigns as a full-service provider, carving out clear advantages for you in a constantly changing market environment.
Having more than 15 years
of experience

Successful campaigns have shown us that they require the interplay of media, creation, research and technology. Our experts therefore devise your communication strategy in close collaboration each other.

We boast a broad range of advertising services that help you achieve your marketing goals, ranging from individual advertising measures through to entire 360° campaigns.

Our Experience
Successfully integrated communication measures call for an advertising agency with a broad skill set. That is why we offers all the requisite services from one source.
  • As a media agency, we offer you individualised media consulting, effective media planning and optimum media purchasing.
  • As a creative agency, we develop innovative concepts and assume the task of creating and producing your campaign.
  • As a digital agency, we implement impactful content marketing and social media concepts based on the specialist knowledge and findings of our research and data experts.
Trends come and go.
CANDIES are forever.

 We combine capabilities in data & analysis, strategy & consultancy, creative & development and performance marketing to grow brands, audiences and revenue streams.